Ultimate Guide Koulutusopas

A comprehensive training manual for a lash and brow artist
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Ruthie Belle’s Ultimate Guide Training Manual is a magazine version of the Ultimate Guide to Lash & Brow Artistry online educational hub. The thorough manual consists of value-packed pages illustrated by photos and diagrams to give a thorough understanding of the processes and techniques used by lash artists.

If you’re a knowledge-hungry lash artist preferring to abzorb education on a physical paper copy, this manual is for you!

Ultimate Guide Training Manual is an excellent gift idea!

Here are the topics of the Ultimate Guide:

- Anatomy
- Contraindications
- Hygiene
- Eye Pads & Tapes
- Consultation & Prep
- Step-by-Step Guide to Lifting Lashes
- Do Lash Lifts Damage Your Lashes?
- Step-by-Step Guide to Brow Lamination
- Home Care
- Chemistry
- Security Data Sheet aka SDS

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