Volume lashes starter kit

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Volume Lashes Starter Kit contains
Curved volume tweezers silver series with medium bend
Tweezers Axe curved 90°
Dark Matter lash adhesive
Adhesive Superdry 6.5ml
Glue Stop 6.5ml
Superbonder 15ml
Clean 11 purifying foam 60ml
Super thin eye pads 10 pairs
Mini eye pads 20 pairs
Thin eye pads pink 5 pairs
Transpore tape soft 6m
3M Kind Removal Tape
3M microfoam stretch tape
Lash Plate
Eyelash Brush (25pcs)
Foil stickers (30pcs 1 sheet)
Disposable face mask 50pcs
Lashes C Curl 0.05mm 7-12mm
Lashes D Curl 0.07mm 7-12mm
Lashes CC Curl 0.07mm 7mm
Lashes CC Curl 0.07mm 8mm
Lashes CC Curl 0.07mm 9mm
Lashes CC Curl 0.07mm 10mm
Lashes CC Curl 0.07mm 11mm
Lashes CC Curl 0.07mm 12mm
Pre-made Volume Xpress CC 10D 0.03mm
Pre-made colour Volume Xpress CC 4D Pink 9-13mm
Pre-made colour Volume Xpress CC 4D Purple 9-13mm
Pre-made colour Volume Xpress CC 4D Blue 9-13mm
NB! This is only the starter kit for classic lash extensions and does NOT include training.
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