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Silicone shields with ridges 4 pair

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Silicone shields with ridges 4 pair SET

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Re-usable silicones with ridges are made of super soft silicone which makes placing them very easy. The ridges help with correct lash isolation and direction so the silicones are especially recommended for beginners.

Set includes:
1 pair S
1 pair M
1 pair L
1 pair LL

Glue silicon shields on the eyelids of a client and on the top of the shield curl natural lashes with Lash Lift adhesive. The natural lash should go into the ridge and it makes it look professional lash isolation. Wash immediately after use, disinfect, rinse and use again.

Silicone sizes run smaller than our regular silicones. LL is about the same curl as M1.
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