lash lift lamination starter kit

Lash Lift starter kit

Storage box without silicone shields

Silicone shields storage box

Silicone shields Deluxe set

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Deluxe box set with reusable silicone shields for Lash Lift. 

There are 5 sections for separating different size silicone shields, includes with this set are 3 pairs of each size: 

​- small - strong curl 
- medium - medium curl 
- M1 - slightly lesser curl than medium 
- M2 - slightly lesser curl than M1 
- large - mellow curl 

Use silicone shields on the eyelids during Lash Lift treatment. Silicone shields are reusable up to 4-5 times. Wash immediately after use, disinfect, rinse and use again. 

Keep the lid on between treatments to keep shields free from dust.
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