Sales terms and conditions

  1. Applicability of the sales terms and conditions
    1. These sales terms and conditions apply to purchasing goods and services between the Buyer (hereinafter “Consumer”) and Ruthie Belle OÜ, registered at Marsi st 3-20, 11316 Tallinn, Estonia (hereinafter online store).
    2. In addition to these terms and conditions, legal relations arising from the purchase of products from online store are regulated by the Law of Obligations Act (hereinafter LOA), the Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter CPA) and other legislation effective in the Republic of Estonia.
    3. online store reserves the right to make changes to the sales terms and conditions. These changes will be published online on website.

  2. Price information
    1. All prices shown in online store include VAT.
    2. The cost of transport will be added to the purchase price based on the delivery method chosen by the Consumer. The price of transport included VAT.
    3. Prices are valid from the time of order submission until the expiry of the due date of submitted order (7 days after the submission of the order).
    4. For orders placed before the changes made to the sales terms and conditions or the prices become effective, the terms and conditions effective at the time of order submission will be applied to legal relations between the Consumer and
    5. The Consumer is liable for all import fees, customs and local sales taxes collected by the country the order is delivered to.
    6. online store reserves the right to make changes to sales prices. These changes will be published online on website.

  3. Entry into force of the sales agreement
    1. By entering into the sales agreement, online store undertakes to deliver to the Consumer the Goods in stock or being prepared or to be acquired by in the future, and to enable the transfer of ownership to the Consumer, while the Consumer undertakes to pay for the Goods in the amount shown on the invoice and accept the Goods.
    2. Orders that have not been paid for will be cancelled 10 days after the submission of the order.
    3. The sales agreement will enter into force upon receipt of payment from the Consumer to the bank account.

  4. Delivery
    1. Delivery costs of products depend on the quantity, size, delivery location and delivery method of the products.
    2. The cost of shipping from the Republic of Estonia to other countries depends on the country of destination, the weight and size of the goods. The shipping cost will be specified by e-mail to the Consumer at each order.
    3. Whenever referred to, working days exclude Saturday, Sunday and EU public holidays.
    4. After the sale agreement enters into force, online store will prepare the order and transfers it to the logistics partners of the company.
    5. The terms of delivery shown on the online store website apply from the receipt of payment for the order to the bank account of online store.
    6. To avoid delays, care must be taken and correct and valid information must be provided when submitting the order.
    7. online store is not responsible for any delays in delivery of goods, if the goods are transferred to the logistics partners in timely manner, but the delay is due to circumstances that online store could not control or anticipate.

  5. Return policy
    1. After the receipt of the order, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement signed in the online store within 14 days. In order to use the right of withdrawal and to return the goods, the Consumer must send respective application within 14 days after the receipt of goods to the e-mail address
    2. Returns must be unopened, unused, with original labels and in original packaging.
    3. If the product has been purchased in a campaign and consists of several products, then the entire set (i.e. all products) must be returned.
    4. If the condition of the item to be returned has deteriorated, the Consumer shall be liable for the loss of value resulting from the use of the item only if they have used the item in any other way than what is necessary to check the nature, properties and functioning of the item. In order to check the nature, properties and functioning of the item, the Consumer should handle and use the item only in the way as it would normally be accepted when in a physical shop.
    5. The Consumer must return the goods within 14 days after submission of the application or provide proof that they have delivered the goods to the logistics company during the aforementioned period.
    6. The cost of returning the goods is fully borne by the Consumer.
    7. The Consumer does not have to return the goods through a logistics company, if online store has agreed to pick up the Goods.
    8. Upon the receipt of withdrawal notice, online store shall without any undue delay, but not later than in 14 days, return all charges received from the Consumer under the contract, except the delivery costs of the item used by the Consumer.
    9. The money will be returned to the same bank account from which the transfer to's account was made.

  6. Force majeure
    1. online store is not responsible for any losses caused to the Consumer or delays in delivery of goods, if the delay is due to circumstances that online store could not have controlled or anticipated.

  7. Processing of personal data
    1. The controller of personal data is Ruthie Belle OÜ ( online store), registry code 12634129, address Marsi Str. 3-20 Kristiine district, Tallinn Harju county 11316, e-mail:
    2. online store processes personal data of the Consumer in accordance with the requirements provided in the Personal Data Protection Act.
    3. online store processes and transfers to logistics partners (Itella Estonia OÜ, Loomäe tee 13, 75306, Lehmja village, Rae parish,, phone: 43 54 547; AS Eesti Post, Pallasti 28, 10001 Tallinn,, phone: 661 6616) the Consumer’s personal data only for the purpose of delivering ordered goods.
    4. We do not sell or disclose the Consumer’s data to third parties without your prior consent or in cases provided by law.
    5. online store processes the Consumer’s: first and last name, phone number, e-mail and postal address.
    6. online store emails to the Consumer who has placed orders notifications related to the delivery of orders or other information changes regarding the orders.
    7. If the Consumer has subscribed to online store newsletters, he or she will always have the right to unsubscribe.
    8. The consumer has the right to access his or her personal data and request the correction or deletion of such data, unless otherwise provided by law.
    9. In case of any questions concerning personal data, the Consumer has the right to send an email to online store:

  8. Claims procedure
    1. is not responsible for defects in the product caused by the Consumer due to improper storage or non-intended use.
    2. In the event of a defective product, we advise you to stop using the product.
    3. The Consumer is entitled to contact the online store in case the Goods do not comply with the terms and conditions or prove to be defective, by submitting an invoice for the purchase of the goods.
    4. In case of non-compliance or defects in the product, please send an e-mail with a claim stating the name of ordering party, contact phone number, the order number and exact description of the non-conformity or defect of the product.
    5. For Lash Lift products, Brow Lift products, and Dark Matter lash adhesive online store will ask you to fill in an investigation form to determine if the Goods do not comply with the terms and conditions or are defective.
    6. All claims will be reviewed and the Consumer will be contacted as soon as possible, but not later than within 14 days from the receipt of the claim.
    7. The Consumer has the right to require from online store a discount on the purchase price or termination of the agreement and refund for the goods, if online store is not able to replace the goods.

  9. Third party sellers
    1. We do not provide refunds or replacements for products purchased outside of online store. You must abide by the return and exchange policies set in place by the seller you have made your purchase with. Please contact the seller you purchased the products from for more details.

  10. Other terms and conditions
    1. Images displayed in the online store are only illustrative. The Consumer is not entitled to return the Goods due to the fact that the photo of the Goods packaging displayed in the online store does not fully correspond to the packaging of delivered Goods but in other respects complies with the order and corresponds to the information displayed with the Goods in terms of name, quantity and properties.
    2. All descriptions, photographs and other information provided on web site are subject to copyrights and their reproduction or any other use is not allowed without the consent of the online store owner.