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These reusable silicone patches adhere to the skin with suction, without any glue!
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Reusable silicone pads can be used for eyelash extensions application instead of disposable eye pads. In addition, because of their unique shape, they can be used for all eye shapes.


Switching to reusable eye patches reduces waste from treatments, so you are saving the planet and money at the same time! The shape of the pads allows them to be used on different eye shapes with ease - find the correct sweet spot for each client. Silicone eye pads are hypoallergenic since they don’t contain any glue or gel. This means that they are also the best choice for sensitive eyes.


Silicone pads adhere to the skin with suction, without any glue. As a result, they can be reused multiple times.


Clean the under-eye area from makeup before use. Depending on the shape of the customer’s eyes, find their sweet spot and gently press down with your finger to create a light suction that keeps the pads in place.

After using, clean the patches immediately with antibacterial soap and rinse. Then soak them in disinfection liquid until they are sterilized and rinse again to get rid of the antibacterial liquid residue. Dry, then store in a closed disinfected container between uses.

If your disinfection liquid is not able to achieve sterilization, then rinse after soaking and sterilize in a sterilization cabinet after soaking in the disinfection liquid. Store in the sterilization pouch.

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