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Volume Lashes is a revolutionary lashing technique where up to seven super fine (0.07mm diameter; same as your natural lashes) extensions are applied to one single natural eyelash creating a look so full and fluttery it seems to be enhanced with Photoshop yet it looks more natural than regular extensions. 

During the application up to 450 extensions are applied on each eye, compared to 90 which is the average for classic extensions. Due to the greater number of extensions the set looks great for a longer period of time hence requiring less frequent touch ups (every 3-4 weeks compared to 2-3 weeks like with classic extensions).

Volume lashes are suitable for long time wear and do not damage the natural lashes.

Regular lash styles can be created and whereas lower volume lashes are suitable for everyday wear, 7D Maximum Volume Lashes is suitable for special moments like red carpet events, weddings and photo shoots.





  • To ensure you get the maximum benefit from your lash extensions please follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid using water, make-up or creams around the eye area for 2 hours after the lash application to give extensions time to settle and fully bond with each lash.

  • Avoid using steam rooms, steam baths, hot water on the face and swimming for 6 hours after the lash application

  • Wash your lashes daily, carefully blotting them dry afterwards

  • Avoid using anything that contains oil around the lashes as oil weakens the adhesive bond and could lead to the extensions falling off pre-maturely

  • Do not rub extensions as it could lead to the extensions as well as natural lashes falling off pre-maturely

  • Avoid sleeping face down as the pillow will rub the lashes

  • Do not use anything with cotton on the lashes (such as cotton rounds and Qtips) as the cotton will get stuck on to the extensions and might pull them out

  • Extensions are curled so you do not need to use a curler

  • To keep your lash extensions looking full, touch ups are required about every 3 weeks

  • Use a sealer daily to extend the lifetime of your extensions