Organic lash lift lamination small kit

Organic Lash Lift Small Kit

Lash Lift starter kit

Lash Lift starter kit

Organic Lash Lift Mini Kit

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One of the safest Lash Lift systems in the world keeping the health of lashes priority No.1
Lash Lift is the latest solution for laminating eyelashes. During the Lash Lift treatment, the lashes are re-shaped with silicones of various sizes and the lashes are colored.

This mini kit contains:
Organic Lifting Lotion
Lash Lift adhesive
Fixing lotion 6ml
Shine Repair 15ml

This kit contains a 10% discount on included products.

Ruthie Belle Lash Lift series provides you with the new 3 phase Lash Lift system which consists of:

Organic Lifting Lotion
- breaks gently the disulfide bonds in the lash keratin to allow the lash to be shaped while keeping the pH as close to neutral as possible to avoid causing damage to lashes
- risk of causing any irritation has been reduced to a minimum
- airtight syringe system makes it easy and accurate to apply
- the effect lasts about 6-8 weeks
- medical and food-grade ingredients

Fixing lotion 6ml
-neutralizes the pH level of the lashes after the curling lotion
- fixes the new curl by restoring the disulfide bonds
- processing time for all lash types: 7 Min

Shine Repair 15ml
- repairs damaged and broken lashes
- adds intense shine and volume
- makes lashes appear darker
- fully closes lash cuticles after Lash Lift
- strengthens & fixes Lash Lift curl
- clients no longer have to wait for 24h after Lash Lift to get their lashes wet/apply mascara
- removes tint from skin

One 6ml airtight syringe (Curling/Fixing) is enough for approximately 15 treatments and one 15ml bottle Shine Repair for approximately 30 treatments.
Ruthie Belle Lash Lift series is vegan, cruelty-free and made of the highest grade ingredients.
Made in Germany.

Lash Lift adhesive
-water-soluble Lash Lift adhesive for gluing eyelashes onto silicone shields to perform Lash Lift
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