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The new kid on block! Introducing the revolutionary Ultimate Brow

The new kid on block! Introducing the revolutionary Ultimate Brow

Today's blog post is about the long-awaited-and-now-its-here brow technique Ultimate Brows. It is down right revolutionary and was recently introduced in Estonia. I will share some insight on the long lasting new technique, talk about some personal experience and will reveal the names of the very first accredited technicians in Estonia. So exciting! So grab a cup of tea or a glass of Pinot Noir and stay tuned.

The whole procedure in absolutely painless (even a little soothing and relaxing) and it takes about an hour to 1,5h depending on the expertise of the technician.

UB treatment starts (like any other treatment should) with a client consultation. The consultation should include clients vision on the brow shape and color followed by technicians professional recommendations. Next step is shaping the eye brow by either coloring, plucking, waxing or threading. I would highly suggest to check out the previous work of the technician first as everyone has their personal signature and it's crucial to find the right technician who's taste matches your own.

Sounds kind of like classic treatment, right? Hold on now, it only starts to get interesting! We are also introduced a bit of mixology here as the technician blends together a special mix of structural gel and color pigment (available in six different tones). The pigments can also be mixed to create endless variations of brown and black to create the perfect color tone for the client.

Next the brows will be peeled with a special primer and the mixture is applied on the skin very thinly. What makes UB so special is that the gel is applied on the skin and not on the eyebrow hair. It is even possible to hide scars and holes in brows with that technique and truly remarkable is that the result lasts! To make sure that the result really does last choose a technician with good skills as it's important how the gel is applied. Crucial factor here is the oiliness of the skin and the domestic care after the treatment. When “doing it right” UB can last up to three weeks, after a touch up is needed. If client wants to remove the gel it should be done by the technician. It is important to let the professional handle it as the brows might get damaged otherwise.

Now, the new brows can be felt on the skin for the first couple of days. After the gel softens a little and is barely felt even when touching with hands. NB! Domestic care is of utmost importance and similarly to lash extensions UB should not be rubbed or touched and washed very carefully. A good and dedicated technician will explain (at least should!) all of it before or after the treatment.

My brows were done by Lydia Feodora Jakson and I am more than happy with the result! I have very thin eyebrows naturally and I had a tattoo and Microblading done previously. Both of these treatments turned blueish on my skin and became uneven (with holes!) within months, so I was forced to color the brows every morning myself. You can see the before and after pictures of UB here:


Last but nor least I would say that UB is an excellent choice for people who are deciding on either Microblading or tattooing but are not sure yet which shape or color to get. UB gives you a good visual example of how brows done with great expertise will look like. It is possible to get a blended (similar to eye shadow) or hair strokes technique (similar to Microblading).

So without further ado, the very first accredited UB technicians in Estonia are as follows (click on their name for the website):



Lydia Feodora Jakson @Ruthie Belle Lash Lounge Tehnika 53-3

35/30€, special price till end of October 30



Eha Hinrikus-Pärnpuu

30/25€ (includes chemical coloring)

Discounted offer till the end of the year 25


HD brows by Alex Palmiste

30€, special price till the end of November 20€

Maris Iila 30€

Aire Ilumäe @Südasalong

35/30€, special price 30  


Katrin Laak @Bliss Ilusalong 

35/30€, special price till the end of the year 25€


Merike Moks @Diiva Ilusalong

25/20€, special price till the end of the year 20€



Maris Iila 25€, special price in November 20€


Marilin Kuusk @ Ilubaar Turu plats 7 (tel 00372 5652209)

till the end of the year price 20€Kuressaare/Tallinn/London

Piret Mägi 

Estonian prices 35/30€ 

UK prices £40/35