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This is a thorough video training on Lash Lift Superboost and lash lamination. It is meant for advanced technicians who have already gone through some training on Lash Lift/lash lamination and still want to expand their skills with the new special Lash Lift Superboost product line. The price includes video training, conspectus, access to the secret Facebook group of Lash Lift students. The price doesn't include our feedback. You'll need the following products for the treatment: silicone shields, lotions (perming, fixing, Lamination Superbooster), protein removing pads, Lash Lift tool, Lash Lift glue, eye pads, micro brushes, mirror, flat brush, silicone brush, eyelash tint. If you don't need all of those products, you can add them one-by-one to your shopping cart. NB! The course is in English. Upon receiving the payment, you'll be added to a secret Facebook group for with the video and lots of extra materials. The Facebook group is only for Ruthie Belle Lash Lift students.
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