Brow Lift curling perming lotion

Brow Lift curling lotion 15ml

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Silicone shields storage box

Lash Lift starter kit

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Lash Lift Starter Kit
Ruthie Belle Lash Lift system is one of the fastest Lash Lift systems in the world which does not dehydrate but nourishes and revitalizes lashes during the treatment. Our Lash Lift series provides you with the new concept of Lash Lift and a revolutionary airtight syringe system.
Starter kit contains

Silicone Shields SET 15 pairs (3 x S, 3 x M, 3 x M1, 3 x M2 and 3 x L size)
Curling/Perming lotion 5ml
Curling/Perming refill 5ml
Fixing lotion 5ml
Fixing lotion refill 5ml
2x Lash Lift adhesive
Easy Lift 15ml
Shine Repair
Clean 11 purifying foam 60ml
Schwarzkopf Deep Black Eyelash tint
Super thin eye pads 10 pairs
Mini eye pads 20 pairs
Thin eye pads pink 5 pairs
Eyelash Brushes 25pc
Lash Lift tool
Mirror with measuring tape
Flat brush
Micro brushes 100pc
Microfiber lip wands 50pc
Disposable Face Mask 50pc
Stickers to measure lash length 10 pairs
Y-tool 10pc
3M Kind Removal tape
Crystal Ring
Starter kit lasts for 30+ treatments (lotions, silicones, eyelash brushes and eye pads for 30 treatments, the rest of the products last longer).

NB! This is only the starter kit for Lash Lift products, it does NOT include training.
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