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Lash Lift training is around 3-4h and includes a theoretical part on Lash Lift (advice on how to get more effective results), you'll be given a thorough training manual and practise on a model. The total cost of the training is €125.1667 (+VAT if you are not VAT registered in your home country) and the maximum size of the participating group is 2 people. Training cost includes only materials used during the training. Lash Lift products which you will be using after the training will be bought separately (available at our shop). Trainings are booked on request. Please kindly note that you have to bring your own model for the whole duration of the training. NB! We are no longer stocking Lash Botox as we are launching a next generation product in 3 weeks time (middle of November). Why is it next generation? Because:

- it is manufactured in the European Union
- it has the same effect on the lashes as Lash Botox making the lashes stronger and healthier but contains ONLY medical grade ingredients 
- MUCH easier and quicker application than Lash Botox
- cuts down your treatment time!

The price of the training also includes access to a secret Facebook group, exclusive to Ruthie Belle students. Our video training (priced at 60€) is available for unlimited watching in the group as well as continuous education and possibility to ask any Lash Lift related questions. Training cancelations notified less than a week in advance will be refunded 50% of the training cost. We do not refund cancellations with less than 48h notification.
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