Get perfect brows with Brow Filler!

Ruthie Belle Brow Filler is an innovative 100% organic elixir that boosts your brow hair growth and makes them more thick and vital.

Stimulates epidermal growth factor
100% organic & vegan
No prostaglandin
No harmful chemicals
No added fragrance
No dyes
First results in 2 weeks
One bottle lasts approximately 5-6 months

Brow Filler can deliver first results in just 2 weeks!

Brow Filler consists of different high quality natural oils and cold-pressed extracts that stimulate brow hair growth.

Brow Filler is made in the EU.

We are giving away 500 Brow Fillers with a crazy 50€ discount to collect reviews from our customers. Send your review and get the next full-size bottle for 1/2 price too!

To participate:

Send your feedback either as a before/after picture of your eyebrows or leave a review on our website.

Before/after pictures sent in need to be well lit and clear enough for all brow hairs to be visible. Each eyebrow needs to be photographed separately from the same angle. “Before” picture needs to be taken before using Brow Filler and “After” picture needs to be taken 1-3 months later.

Reviews need to be submitted on our website in the Brow Filler product’s description. Please send your photos to

€49  99

Worldwide DHL Express shipping in 3 days to most countries.

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€49  99

Worldwide DHL Express shipping in 3 days to most countries.

How to market Brow Filler to your customers?

We have a variety of options available, depending on your goal and budget!

It takes about two weeks of nightly use to see first results so our Brow Filler samples are big enough to last for about 2 weeks. It’s the perfect product size to start with: your customers get the first taste and results of Brow Filler before committing to a full-size bottle. Full-size bottles last for ~5-6 months with daily use.

Brow Filler sample 10-packs (each 10-pack comes with 10 information pamphlets)

You can either retail to your customers or give out complimentary to prospective customers. Our RRP for a single sample is 12.50€ + tax; 10-pack wholesale is priced at 80€ (+tax if applicable).

Reselling full bottles

Please contact us at for information on wholesale discounts.

Affiliate sales

No monetary investment, just your time! If you like our cutting-edge innovations and you are active on social media we might be interested in collaborating with you! Your customers would benefit from a discount and you would receive an affiliate fee for every order made from your recommendation. During quarantine, this is the perfect option as you’ll be able to earn an income without having to leave your home and without making any financial investment ???? Drop us an email at for further details!