Classic lash extensions course

Classic lash extensions course

Classic lash extensions course in ENG

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3-day class with practise and feedback inbtween covering the following:

product knowledge
hygiene and safety
client consultation
sample consultation
form do's and don't's
how to prepare the client for first time application
work station preparation
application with tips for quicker progression
face and eye shapes
anatomy and physiology
disorders and contraindications
volume styling
client consultation
step-by-step application
clean-up and storage
infills after care

The total duration of the course depends on how quickly you obtain the new skill. Practising in between the classes is required and you will take a written and a practical exam at the end of the course when you're ready so no reason to stress :) Total cost for 3 days is €300+VAT and includes: a 30-page accredited manual, a certificate at the end of the course and a kit that includes the following (valued at €110):

lash adhesive
disinfection spray
2 x tweezers
2 x MIX box mink lashes 8-13mm
microfoam tape
transpore tape
cream remover
eye pad sample
Angel eye pad sample
gel remover
2 x brush
lash plate
25 x mascara spoolie
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