Organic lash lift large kit

Lash Lift Large Kit

Brow Lift Large Kit

Brow Lift Large Kit

Brow Lift Small Kit

Restock your RB Brow Lift Large Kit — at a sweet discount!
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Organic Brow lift starter kit
Brow Lift Small Kit

In stock

€176.68 €147.23


By choosing to buy these products as a kit, you'll pay less than you would purchasing them individually — which makes this kit too great a deal to pass up.

For brow artists looking to re-stock all 5 steps of our Organic Brow Lamination/Brow Lift. The products in this kit have been hand-selected by Ruthie Belle so artists can continue offering their clients the only brow lift in town that gently nourishes and strengthens in a way that's good for brows, good for business, and good for the environment — while still delivering knockout results!

We've taken Ruthie Belle's wildly popular earth-and-human friendly Lash Lifting system and customized it specifically for eyebrow lifts (aka eyebrow lamination). Our revolutionary Curling Lotion has been customized specifically for eyebrow hairs and reformulated so it's even gentler — and completely safe for direct contact with bare skin!

All of the treatments in this kit are created and tested in accordance with EU standards and formulated using food and medical-grade components. Ruthie Belle has always been (and always will be) — proudly Cruelty-Free.

Please note that these products have slightly different processing times. While it's literally impossible to over-process brows with our organic brow lifting system, we recommend artists experiment with different processing times — everyone's brows are different!

Get Ruthie Belle's exclusive tips and tricks for performing the perfect brow lift/lamination in her Ultimate Guide.

And if you're looking for the full kit, our Brow Lift Large Kit has everything you need to get started offering the most earth-friendly brow lamination in town!


Easy Lift Primer 15ml

Step 1 of the Ruthie Belle Brow Lift
- Removes sebum and natural oils without dehydrating or damaging brows
- Makes brows soft, supple, and "super-bendy"
- Longer curing time allows cuticles to open 100% for perfect, even brow lifts
- Great for clients with especially coarse, stubborn natural brows
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Organic Lash & Brow Lifting 15ml

Step 2 of the Ruthie Belle Brow Lift
- Softens brow hair keratin to allow for easy shaping and sculpting
- No harsh chemicals
- Organic
- So gentle it's literally impossible to over-process
- Gentle enough to come in direct contact with skin without irritation
- Leaves natural brows nourished and strong
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Lash & Brow Fixing Lotion 15ml

Step 3 of the Ruthie Belle Brow Lift
- Neutralizes the pH level of the hair after curling lotion
- Contains NO sodium bromate
- "Fixes" new brow shape in place by gently restoring disulfide bonds
- Doesn't dehydrate natural brows; leaves them nourished and hydrated
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Shine Repair 15ml

The final step of the Ruthie Belle Organic Brow Lift
- Immediately seals cuticles to 99-99.9% closure — essentially air-tight
- No need to wait 24 hours before showering, swimming, or applying mascara
- Repairs and intensely nourishes even severely damaged lashes or brows
- Prolongs effect of lash/brow lift treatment
- Naturally darkens brows
- Boosts volume
- Leaves a natural, glossy shine
- Removes excess tint from skin
- Organic
- Vegan
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Get a detailed, step-by-step guide to Brow Lamination by Ruthie Belle herself in our complimentary Ultimate Guide to Lash and Brow Artistry. She gives an in-depth explanation of how to use all products included in this kit, breaks down processing times, and gives some lash artist secrets of her own!

For product giveaways and more exclusive tips from Ruthie Belle, follow us on Instagram

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