Superbonder 15ml

Easy Wrap & Dark Matter Set

Easy Wrap & Dark Matter Set

Boosters Trio

Ruthie Belle’s bestselling Lash Boosters Trio
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Ruthie Belle boosters trio
Boosters Trio

In stock

€80.29 €66.91

This trio of Ruthie Belle’s bestselling boosters is all you need to fully control your lash adhesive - no more worrying about humidity, volume fans closing or lash glue irritation! Our boosters trio covers everything you need to control your adhesive:

1. Prime lashes with Adhesive Superdry
If adhesive is curing too slowly, use Adhesive Superdry on the bases of extensions while they are on the glue strip. This combination makes any lash adhesive cure in less than 1 second, no matter your room humidity!

2. If adhesive is running up your volume fan and closing it, use Glue Stop. It does what the name says - stops glue from traveling any further. It’s a glue blocker

3. At the end of the treatment use Superbonder to:
- Fully cure lash adhesive. lashes can be wet immediately after appointments
- Seal glue bonding point surface so that no more vapors can escape = minimized irritation from glue fumes, helps to prevent reactions and allergies
- Push humidity out of the glue bonding point to make it shrink around the natural lash. Tighter bond = retention extended by up to 30%
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