Brow Lift is a rapidly developing trend both in Europe and in the US. Basically, it’s Lash Lift for eyebrows. Brow Lift is a treatment that makes your natural brow hairs look thicker, darker and healthier by shaping and nourishing them. Brow Lift holds even the most stubborn eyebrows in check and adds volume and effect to narrow or over-plucked brows. It works wonders for all types of eyebrows whether you have skinny, thick or unruly eyebrows.

Before and after Brow Lift

At first, you need to be sure your skin underneath the eyebrows is healthy and undamaged, meaning you don’t have any zits or pimples, cuts, sunburn and you haven’t had a recent chemical peel. You also shouldn’t apply Brow Lift after microblading or after getting any permanent eyebrow tattoos. Brow Lift is recommended after 2 months has passed from microblading or eyebrow tattooing.

It’s important to use Brow Lift not Lash Lift curling lotion for brows as lash and brow hairs are not the same. Brow Lift curling lotion has been formulated to be used on the skin (no Lash Lift perming lotions are meant for that) and to specifically reshape brow hair keratin. It has been optimized to create beautiful results for brows and therefore is not meant to be used for Lash Lifting.

In this tutorial, Ruthie Belle Brow Lift System products and tools are used!

Required products and tools for Brow Lift treatment:

  1. Clean 11 purifying foam
  2. Easy Lift
  3. Brow Lift Curling Lotion
  4. Brow Lift Fixing Lotion
  5. Shine Repair
  6. Crystal ring
  7. Lip wands
  8. Silicone brush
  9. Cotton pads
  10. Tint (if required)
  11. Flat brush

At first, thoroughly clean your skin and eyebrows. Don’t use any scrubbing, because your skin must not be irritated. We have developed a cleanser - Clean 11 purifying foam - that is super gentle and efficient and free from any chemicals and is suitable even for very delicate and sensitive skin.

Pump the foam onto the crystal ring and use a lip wand to clean your brows and the skin all around the brows. Make sure to get rid of all the make-up, dust and natural oils. Our beautiful crystal ring can be used as a holder for any kind of liquids and lash- and eyebrow tint. Wipe the cleanser residues off with a cotton pad. Also, clean the crystal ring for use with a new product.

The next step is Easy Lift as a pre-treatment product for making the brow hairs super soft and easily manageable. Easy Lift is especially recommended for strong, coarse eyebrows that are difficult to shape. Easy Lift opens hair cuticles and allows lotions to penetrate brow hairs more efficiently. Use a lip wand for applying. 2 drops is enough for two eyebrows. For fuller eyebrows use more product. Cover eyebrows with back and forth movements to get to the roots of the eyebrows.

Next and the most important step is Brow Lift Curling Lotion. This lotion opens brow hair cuticles and softens the keratin inside the brow hairs. This is the most aggressive product out of all the products that are used in this treatment. Please DO NOT use Lash Lift curling lotion on the eyebrows, because it can cause skin irritations as it’s not meant to be used on the skin. Also, the structure of the lash and brow hair are not the same so the Brow Lift curling lotion has been formulated specifically to be effective on brow hairs and to be used on the skin. Use one pump of brow curling lotion for one eyebrow, for fuller eyebrows 2-2,5 pumps. Use the crystal ring as a lotion holder and a lip wand for applying the lotion. Cover the whole eyebrow quickly with circular movements to soften the brow hair keratin from the roots. Curling lotion processing time is between 5 and 6 minutes depending on the structure of the eyebrow. Stronger eyebrows need 6 minutes and skinny, thin eyebrows 5 minutes. Longer processing times than 6 minutes can irritate the skin. Start the timer as soon as the product is on the skin. When the time is up, remove the lotion with a cotton pad.

The next step is the Brow Lift Fixing Lotion. It fixes the shape of the eyebrows and closes the brow hair cuticles. Use fixing lotion as soon as you have removed the curling lotion to stop the effect of the first lotion. One pump per brow. Apply with a lip wand brushing the brow hairs up thoroughly covering the whole eyebrow. Processing time for fixing lotion is 7 minutes for all types of brow hair. Remove the lotion with a cotton pad.

If there is a need for tinting the eyebrows then this step will follow after fixing lotion. Start tinting from the base of the brow. Apply the tint with a flat brush. Reduce the processing times of the tint, because curling lotion has opened the hair cuticles and the tint will work faster. Remove the tint with a cotton pad.

As the last step use Shine Repair. This product nourishes and repairs damaged brow hairs and skin, adds intense shine and volume to the brows and also fixes the new brow shape. 2 pumps are enough for covering both eyebrows. Apply Shine Repair with a silicone brush all the way to the brows. Processing time is 6 minutes for all types of brow hair. Remove lotion with a dry cotton pad.
Last but not least wax, pluck and thread if needed and style with a clear brow gel!

Watch the tutorial here and if you have any questions feel free to ask