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Hi guys :)

Today I'd like to tell you a little about harsh vs mild Lash Lift products.

There are generally two types of Lash Lift products in the world: aggressive old school products and more gentle modern ones.

As we all know, the trend in the world of cosmetics is to use more and more gentle and safe products. This trend is also rising in lash industry. It’s very important to understand that aggressive products work very differently from gentle ones. Among other differences mild products need a little bit more time to gently process lashes while aggressive products shock them rapidly into a completely new shape while putting a lot of stress on them.

Curling lotion: the game changer

The key ingredient in all of lash lifting is curling lotion, also known as perming lotion because it is the most aggressive out of all lash lifting products.

The purpose of curling lotion is to fully open all lash cuticles and soften the keratin inside the lash, so we can give lashes a new shape. But the state of lashes after this stage is very different, depending on whether they have been treated with gentle or with harsh products.

The curling lotion's basic working method is to raise the pH level inside the lash.

The importance of pH level

We've created a graph comparing Ruthie Belle's gentle curling lotion processing mechanism with harsher curling lotions. The graph shows how the pH in the lashes is raised:

  • horizontal X-axis shows time in minutes that it takes the lotion to take effect → The quicker the pH rises the more damaging it is to lash cuticles
  • vertical Y-axis shows the pH of the curling lotion (how alkaline it is) → The more alkaline the pH level, the more damaging to the lashes it is. For example hair removal starts from pH level of 9.5.

In summary, our gentle curling lotion takes more time to raise the pH and its peak pH is (as far as we are aware) the lowest in the whole world of Lash Lifting!

Ruthie Belle Lash Lift pH of 7.8-7.9 is much lower than the industry average of 9. After processing it drops down to neutral pH 7 to prevent over-processing while regular curling lotions just keep processing and processing (that's why they need a good rinse - it's to stop the process).

When we were testing our Lash Lift products in the laboratory, we did FOUR lash lifts in a row on the same model to see what would happen to the lashes (don´t worry we had a volunteer lol). It took us 2.5h in total and the model did not even get up from the bed..

Do you want to know what happened??

There was no harm done to the lashes whatsoever!


Aggressive curling lotions can be stored in glass bottles with openable lids, since their pH doesn't drop upon contact with oxygen (see the graph!). Gentle curling lotions lose their curling effect after oxidation so they cannot be stored in containers with openable lids. So we are using an innovative airtight syringe system for our Lash Lift lotions.

You decide!

Now think about the formula of the Lash Lift system you are using. Compare the characteristics of gentle and aggressive Lash Lift products and evaluate the lotions you use.

You might not notice the difference in your customers' lashes after the first treatment you use strong formulas vs gentle ones but the more treatments you do and the better you get to know their lashes, the more of a difference you will see.

We hope this blog helps you to make up your mind whether to prefer using aggressive or mild Lash Lift products :)

Ruthie Belle