1. Step-by-step guide: How to lift your brows at home aka DIY a Brow Lift/Brow Lamination

    Quarantine is a great time to learn how to keep your eyebrows in check by giving them a Brow Lift at home. It manages unruly eyebrows and gives thin eyebrows a fuller appearance. It’s suitable for anyone, just make sure your skin underneath and around the brows does not have any damage (such as sunburn, pimples, microblading etc).

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  2. Aggressive vs mild Lash Lift products

    Today I'd like to tell you a little about harsh vs mild Lash Lift products.

    There are generally two types of Lash Lift products in the world: aggressive old school products and more gentle modern ones.

    As we all know, the trend in the world of cosmetics is to use more and more gentle and safe products. This trend is also rising in lash industry. It’s very important to understand that aggressive products work very differently from gentle ones. Among other differences mild products need a little bit more time to gently process lashes while aggressive products shock them rapidly into a completely new shape while putting a lot of stress on them.

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