AirPop Pocket 4 Pack White

A face mask engineered for long-wearing comfort, exceptional fitted filtration and unparalleled breathability
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The AirPop Pocket mask is designed for those who benefit from high portability and convenience. It has a collapsable design, folding along dotted lines down to 25% of its original size. A specific case (sold separately) allows for greater hygienic storage and portability. The mask has a contoured fit with an ultra-soft ergonomic foam that is shaped to fill the hard-to-seal area across the nose bridge, providing proper alignment and preventing glasses from fogging up. The Pocket mask also has fold-out wings that open wide for a bigger coverage of cheek and chin.
- Filters 99.4% of particles and droplets
- Ergonomic design for a perfect fit
- Contoured 3D shape for easy breathing
- Designed for hygienic storage
- Fold down to 25% of its original size
- Cushioned nose seal
- Prevents eyeglasses fogging
- Multi-layered mask
- 40 hours wear time per mask
- Cost efficient
- Made with lightweight premium materials
- Latex-free and hypoallergenic
- Suitable for ages 7 and up


AirPop masks are multi-layered for increased filtration. The lightweight soft-touch exterior stops dust and dirt. The four-layer filter core is electrostatically charged to block ultra-fine particles. There is a 99.4% filter efficiency, protecting down to pollutants as small as 0.3 microns (μm) in diameter. For reference, pollen and human hair measure 70μm in diameter, dust mites measure 25μm, airborne bacteria and chemical aerosols measure 2.5μm. A two-way filtration protects the wearer and others, reducing the number of particles shared when breathing and creating an effective barrier for the air breathed in. The mask’s 3D design creates a tent-like shape so that there is space between the filter and the face. This increases airflow, making for easy breathing and greater comfort and prevents eyeglasses fog, sweat or the mask from collapsing on the lips or cheeks. AirPop’s adaptable and ergonomic design has a flexible internal frame that allows for a perfect fit no matter the shape of your face. The soft-touch seal maintains the correct structure, shape and fit, and responds to movement so that even when you talk and smile, the face mask conforms to your face in a no-slip position. AirPop is designed for cumulative use and each mask delivers up to 40 hours protection.


- Dimensions: (H)14.7cm/5.8in x (W)10.4cm/4.1in
- Weight: 12g
- Colours: White, black, grey, pink, blue
- Nylon, polyester, and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

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