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After lash lift neutralizing foam

After lift neutralizing foam - apple

After lift neutralizing foam - fresh

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Clients can apply mascara immediately after washing with After lift neutralizing foam. They can also wet their lashes and even go swimming/sauna immediately after washing with the product. Eyelash extensions can be applied right after Lash Lift treatment. After lift neutralizing foam speeds up eyelid cleaning process and perfectly separates all lashes after Lash Lifting. Say goodbye to gunky lashes that are sticking together! The product works with all Lash Lift brands. One bottle is enough for 75 clients (50ml).

How to use?

Use the foam after Superbooster. Because After lift neutralizing foam closes cuticles instantly. Wash lashes with foam (one pump per eye) after you have removed Lash Lift silicones to get rid of all glue/lotion residue. Then rinse with water or clean with damp cotton pad.
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