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2-in-1 Lash Primer & Adhesive Accelerator. A humidity-proof lash primer/adhesive accelerator hybrid that cures adhesive in under a second!
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Are you tired of feeling like your job as a lash artist requires a degree in meteorology? Are you sick of obsessing over the humidity and temperature of your studio? Dreading the weather forecast because you know it's going to result in a whole bunch of client texts about a sink full of lash extensions?

Every climate brings unique challenges for lash artists. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm the humidity causes your adhesive to cure way faster than normal, and yet — it has a way of remaining sticky after you've placed the extension! Your whole routine is thrown off, retention is out the window, and worst of all, the client thinks you're the problem!

Cold climates don't have it much better, as the reduced temperature makes lashes cure at a speed so slow that you've seen glaciers move faster.

Don't cry, get Superdry! This amazing 2-in-1 primer/adhesive accelerator hybrid is a lifesaver for hardworking lashers everywhere, whether you do your lashing in a steamy rainforest, an arid desert, a frozen tundra — or somewhere in between these extremes.

Begin the treatment by applying Superdry as a primer. The low-alcohol formula is designed to gently strip excess oil from the natural lashes without drying them out the way traditional primers and pre-treatment serums do.

And Superdry is just getting started! While it’s working hard melting all that excess sebum away, Superdry gently opens lash cuticles, which helps to pump up the retention. It also raises the pH level of lashes towards more alkaline, which boosts adhesive curing time just enough to keep it from remaining sticky. This gives you as the lash artist just enough time to get the extension securely placed on the natural lash — NO MORE STICKIES, EVER!

And in the wintertime, as an alternative to freezing your buns off while you wait for your lash adhesive to cure, apply Superdry to speed up that glacial pace!


- Gently strips natural lashes of oil and sebum without damaging cuticles
- Fully opens lash cuticles
- Cures in under a second
- Low alcohol formula: doesn't dehydrate natural lashes
- Less irritation during application: immediately starts bonding adhesive vapors
- The only primer/adhesive accelerator compatible with Dark Matter Lash Adhesive
- Compatible with all other lash adhesives



While Superdry was made to be paired with Ruthie Belle Dark Matter Lash Adhesive, it's still compatible with all other lash adhesives. Here's a rundown of all the ways you can use Superdry:

As a primer
Apply it to your client’s lashes as a primer prior to treatment. Superdry instantly melts away oil and opens lash cuticles without drying out natural lashes.

Remember that a little bit of product goes a long way, so use a little less than you would with a regular primer. Use it to cover the lashes from either the top or the bottom.

Cure lash adhesive in less than a second
To make any lash adhesive cure instantly use Superdry first as a primer on natural lashes, and then as a glue accelerator. To use Superdry as a glue accelerator, apply it to the bottom 1-2 mm of eyelash extensions while they are still in place on the glue strip. This will ensure any lash adhesive will cure instantly (under a second).

Adhesive Superdry is most effective during the wintertime and/or in cold/dry climates where adhesives tend to dry much more slowly. By applying Superdry first as a primer, then as a glue accelerator, you can ensure that the adhesive will cure in less than a second, no matter how cold and dry the climate!

Note: Adhesive Superdry is highly efficient, so only re-apply when you feel the adhesive curing time has slowed again.

Show your adhesive who's boss (you!)
Many adhesives will remain sticky after you’ve placed the lash in place. This tends to happen a lot more in hot, humid weather. This is the exact moment you’ll want to grab your trusty bottle of Superdry. Superdry gently opens lash cuticles, which helps boost retention. It also raises the pH level of lashes towards more alkaline, which accelerates adhesive curing time just enough to keep it from remaining sticky, while giving you just enough time to get the extension securely placed on the natural lash! (Don't worry, it also won't cause the adhesive to cure any faster before it's in place!)

**Pro Tip**
For hygienic purposes you’ll want to use a separate applicator for each client. And lucky for you, we sell them right here on RuthieBelle.com!

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Take care not to double dip with a used micro brush to avoid cross-contamination.




- We do not require patch testing for this product
- Use within 6 months of opening
- Made with medical and food-grade ingredients
- Cruelty-free
- Vegan
- Manufactured in the EU in accordance with EU regulations


- Does Adhesive Superdry require patch testing?
Ruthie Belle's products are gentle enough so they do not require patch testing. Instead, we encourage Lash Artists to communicate regularly with clients and ask them to let them know if there's any irritation or discomfort (which is highly unlikely).

- Is Adhesive Superdry meant to be a replacement for Superbonder?
No. While Adhesive Superdry kick-starts the fume-bonding process, Superbonder finishes it. Superdry also does not have the unique ability to push humidity out of adhesive the way Superbonder does.

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