3M Respirator face mask FFP2

3M Respirator face mask FFP2

3M Respirator face mask FFP3

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3M Respirator face masks are designed specifically for minimizing allergic reactions to eyelash adhesives

- They have an exhalation valve for comfort, to minimize heat build-up and for periods of prolonged use
- FFP3 respirators should be used where the highest levels of filtering efficiency and protection factor are required 
- Suitable for protection against high toxicity harmful materials in concentrations up to 50xOEL or 20xAPF
- Meets the new requirements of Type IIR with the European Standard EN14683:2005 and complies with the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive  (93/42/EEC) as Class 1 devices

What is the difference between a surgical mask and a respirator?

Surgical masks act as a barrier, minimising direct transmission of infectious agents. Respirators are specifically designed to reduce the potential exposure of the wearer to airborne hazardous contaminants such as fumes from the adhesive!
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