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Tilted Antibacterial Pillow

This lashing pillow represents ultimate comfort for your client and ultimate efficiency for you, the lash artist!
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This lashing pillow truly represents the best of both worlds: ultimate comfort for your client and ultimate efficiency for you, the lash artist! The curve of this ergonomic pillow has been specifically designed to cradle the client's head in perfect alignment, maintaining the natural curve of the spine. They can rest comfortably for hours without pain or discomfort. And because the pillow's cover is antimicrobial, there's no need for wasteful disposable covers. You can easily remove the cover and toss it in the wash whenever it's in need of a clean.

Please note that while the cover is antibacterial, the pillow itself is not.

And your client's neck isn't the only neck this pillow will save! Lash artists love this pillow's large side pockets, which allow you to store your lash tools while keeping them close at hand. This will not only make you speedier, but save your posture, too!

You have the option to choose between a tilted or a flat version of this pillow. You should make your choose based on the technique you use to fan lashes:

I fan lashes on the glue strip
You'll want to choose the tilted pillow as it's designed to make lashes visible on the tile for easier fanning.

I fan lashes between my fingers
The flat pillow would be our recommendation, because it will keep your products secure while your hands are busy fanning.


- 2 large pockets for convenient storage
- Keeps tools close-at-hand for faster lashing
- Choose a flat or tilted version based on your fanning technique
- Maximum comfort for your client
- Protects your posture
- Waterproof antibacterial cover
- No need for disposable covers
- Machine washable



Pillow cover is machine washable. Do not use disinfectants, bleach or abrasive cleaners. Do not tumble dry.


- Measures 60 x 34 (wings) x 11cm
- Pillow cover: 100% polyester
- Pillow interior: 100% PU-foam


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