Small Volume Lash Trays 5 rows

Small Volume Trays

small classic lash trays five rows

Small Classic Trays

Small Flat Trays

Flat Matte Lashes are a fantastic option to create a unique, bold classic look with less weight!
6,50 € - 6,95 €
Excl .tax: 5,42 € - 5,79 €
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These eco-friendly paper pack trays contain our jet-black, ultra matte & silky-soft flat lashes.

Their specially designed flat shape provides an ultra-matte finish weighing about half as much as a traditional round classic fiber.

Ruthie’s flat matte lashes are more soft & flexible than traditional classic lashes of the same diameter.


- If your client’s lashes aren’t as thick & strong enough for classic lashes, Ruthie’s flat matte lashes are the solution!
- Our flat matte lashes are incredibly soft & light for everyday wear. Your clients get the dramatic look of classic lashes with half the weight keeping their natural lashes happy & healthy.
- Ruthie’s flat matte lashes have natural-looking split tips for creating a wet volume effect with less effort.
- If you’re using a lash plate, the metallic peel lash strip leaves the plate clean of glue residue.
- Since each lash tray has passed triple quality control, all lashes are consistent in length and curl to create perfect transitions in your lash sets.
- Ruthie’s flat matte lashes are jet black & there’s no transparency in color!
- The orange glue strip makes it easy to distinguish the jet-black lashes & how many there are on the strip.
- Our flat matte lashes are double-treated with heat so that they won’t lose their curl over time.
- Ruthie’s eyelash extensions are & will always be cruelty-free.


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