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Mini Microfoam Pads

Everything you love about microfoam tape in a perfectly-sized hypoallergenic adhesive pad.
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If you love the protection and comfort that comes with microfoam tape, but hate how much time you lose cutting it into the correct size and shape (because in this biz, time = $$$) — then this product will be a game-changer for you!

Each package contains 50 hypoallergenic microfoam pads (25 pairs) which are perfectly sized and shaped for popping on your clients' lashes instead of struggling with a pair of scissors. And while these pads are a breeze to apply, they're even easier on the eyes: light and ultra-comfortable, with no gel. This makes them perfect for even the most sensitive eyes. And should your client get a bit teary, these pads won't swell up and lose their shape (or worse, come out of place).

Best of all, these pads adhere to the skin beautifully, and won't move a whisper during the entire treatment. In fact, if your client has very dry skin, we recommend de-tacking the pads prior to use to avoid further irritation.


- Hypoallergenic
- Easy application
- Light, comfortable wear
- Secure hold
- Won't absorb moisture
- No gel; suitable for sensitive eyes



Apply along the client's lower lash line to hold lashes in place securely and comfortably. If the client's skin is especially dry, we recommend de-tacking the adhesive on the pad.

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