Lash BFF Pro 5ml

Lash BFF Pro 5ml

Brow Lift Curling Lotion

Brow Lift Curling Lotion 15ml

Lash Lift Curling Lotion 15ml

A gentler approach to achieving long-lasting, sky-high lift! Step 2 of the Ruthie Belle Lash Lift Treatment
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The difference between Lash Lift Curling Lotion and all those old-school curling lotions brings to mind that classic story of the tortoise and the hare.

Old-school curling lotions always play the part of the blazing fast hare. These traditional formulas are made to instantly raise pH inside the lash to sky-high levels. This creates dramatic lift in a flash, but it is also notorious for severely dehydrating and damaging natural lashes!

The slow and steady tortoise is played by Lash Lift Curling Lotion, due to the formula's decidedly slower approach to boosting the internal pH of lashes and brows. Our product always reaches the finish line —sky high lift— eventually. But our slower, gentler formula leaves lashes healthy and strong rather than dehydrated and damaged!

Lash Lift Curling Lotion is so gentle, it's literally impossible to overprocess lashes! (Trust us, we've tried)


- 100% as effective as mainstream lifting lotions
- So gentle it's literally impossible to over-process
- Air-tight packaging protects formula from oxidation
- Formulated from medical grade ingredients
- Vegan & Cruelty Free
- Processing time 9-15mins


The purpose of a curling lotion is to permeate the lash cuticles and soften the keratin inside by raising the pH within the lash. Once the keratin is softened, the lash artist can sculpt the lash into the desired shape.

With old-school curling lotions, the lash's pH level shoots up in a matter of seconds. The abrasive chemicals inside these lotions are notorious for severely dehydrating the lashes, while the excessively elevated pH level means the lashes are hovering on the precipice of over-processing!

The higher the pH level, the more alkaline the substance. And the more alkaline the substance, the more abrasive it is to lashes. Some traditional curling lotions clock in at a sky-high 10.0 on the pH scale. Contrast this with chemical hair removers, which have a pH that hovers right around 9.5. Scary, right?


With Lash Lift Curling Lotion, our proprietary formula contains gentle ingredients, which raise the pH level of the lash at a much slower rate. Our lotion begins to process between 30 seconds and 1 minute and takes approximately 3 minutes for the pH level to achieve peak alkalinity. Our lotion achieves a peak pH of 8.4; as far as we know, we hold the record for the curling lotion with the lowest alkalinity in the entire industry!

With our formula's slower processing time and lower pH, there is absolutely no risk of over-processing.

Video Watch Ruthie Belle break down Aggressive vs. Gentle lifting lotions


The amount of Lash Lift Curling Lotion used will depend entirely on the length of the individual client's lashes — at least 50% of the length of the lashes should be covered with lotion. Apply a generous, even coating working from the outward corner of the eye inward, from root to tip. Our suggested "rule of thumb" is you shouldn't be able to see the client's lashes through the applied lotion.

With those harsher old-school curling lotions, Lash Artists are always warned to leave a 1-3 mm space to protect the root of the lash from damage. With Lash Lift Curling Lotion, it's important to unlearn this old habit. Instead, apply Lash Lift Curling Lotion at the base of the silicone shield and/or as close to the root as possible. Otherwise, it's impossible to achieve a good lift!

ATTENTION: Processing time 9-15 minutes

Lash Lift Curling Lotion is unique in that Lash Artists can easily tailor the shape of the lift to the client's preference. We encourage Artists to experiment with processing times, as they will vary depending on the coarseness of each client's lashes. Generally, the longer you leave Lash Lift Curling Lotion on the lashes, the higher and more pronounced the lift. And since our curling lotion formula is so gentle, there's no chance of overprocessing.

*Lash Artist Tip*
Once you've applied the product, cover the lashes with cling film and a heating mask. This will fast-track processing time and help achieve a stronger, more dramatic lift!

** Read Ruthie Belle's step-by-step guide to achieving perfectly lifted lashes every time!!

Lash Lift Curling Lotion is Step 2 of the 5 Step Lash Lift. Lash Lifting is preceded by our Easy Lift Lash Primer, and followed by Ruthie Belle's Fixing Lotion. The effect will last 6-8 weeks, but due to the gentleness of the ingredients, the Lash Lift procedure can be repeated at any time. See the FAQ (below) for more details.




- One 15ml bottle contains approximately 30 treatments
- Use within 6 months of opening
- Made with medical-grade ingredients
- Cruelty free
- Vegan
- Made in Germany


- Is the processing time the same as other curling lotions?
No! While traditional curling lotions start working in seconds, Lash Lift Curling Lotion has a processing time of 9-15 minutes.

With all other curling lotions on the market, there will be very specific timing instructions for every type of lash. That's because the ingredients in these formulas are so harsh that there's a very high risk of overprocessing the lash if you leave it on for too long!

Lash Lift Curling Lotion is unique as Lash Artists can easily tailor the shape of the lift to the customer's preference. We encourage lash artists to experiment with processing times, as timing will vary depending on the coarseness of each client's lashes. Generally, the longer you leave Lash Lift Curling Lotion on the lashes, the higher and more pronounced the curl. And since our curling lotion formula is so gentle, there's no danger of overprocessing.

- Hold up. So I really don't have to wait a month between lash lifts if I use Lash Lift Curling Lotion?
Our formulas are so gentle that you can literally repeat the lifting process immediately without damaging the client's lashes. We tested it out ourselves by performing 4 lash lists on the same model in the same day (she never once got up from the table) — with absolutely no damage!

- What is the difference between curling lotion and perming lotion?
They're exactly the same thing! Curling lotion is another name for perming lotion, and vice versa.

- I ordered this lotion and it didn't deliver the 'WOW' effect my client wanted. Am I doing something wrong?
Each time we've received this feedback in the past, it's been because the lash artist tried to use our Lash Lift Curling Lotion the same way as the old school curling lotions in terms of placement and processing times.

Make sure to apply the product from root to tip. Unlike old-school lotions, there's no need to leave a product gap. This formula is so gentle that there's no fear of causing damage to the lash root, and it's pretty much impossible to achieve a good lift unless the product has been correctly applied.

We always suggest that lash artists experiment with processing times while using our Lash Lift Curling Lotion to achieve best results. Because of the gentleness of the formulation, it's impossible to over-process!

**Note! If you fail to achieve the WOW effect with Ruthie Belle's products, Ruthie will personally offer complimentary feedback and support. Send her a DM on instagram (preferably with photos) and she'll be happy to offer some personalized lash insight!

**Read Ruthie Belle's step-by-step guide to achieving perfectly lifted lashes every time!

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