Easy Wrap & Dark Matter Pro Set

Easy Wrap & Dark Matter Pro Set

Adhesive Superdry

Adhesive superdry 6.5ml

Easy Wrap & Superbonder Set

A set of our best-selling lash extensions' products with a 10% discount!
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1 x Superbonder 15ml   + 0,00 € 0,00 €

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Easy Wrap & Superbonder Set
Easy Wrap & Superbonder Set

Auf Lager

102,96 € 85,80 €


This set includes 1x Easy Wrap and 1x Superbonder. Save 10% on our lash liquids power couple!

Superbonder has the entire lash industry completely shook since we introduced it in 2018! It cures lash adhesive in just 3 minutes, increases lash retention by up to 30% and significantly reduces the amount and duration of toxic fumes. 

Easy Wrap makes the art of wrapping volume fans effortless through lash science. It acts as a magnet for the cyanoacrylate inside your lash adhesive. A kiss of Easy Wrap causes the natural lash to snugly hug the base of the volume fan, creating bulletproof retention! And that's not all. Easy Wrap also does everything a regular primer does — removes sebum, opens cuticles and speeds up setting time — without dehydrating natural lashes.  

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