Dolly Lash Lift Perming Lotion

Dolly Perming Lotion 5pc

Dolly Lash Lift Nourishing Lotion

Dolly Nourishing Lotion 5pc

Dolly Fixing Lotion 5pc

The second step of Dolly lash lift system
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Dolly fixing lotion is applied on the lashes as the second step while doing Lash Lift.


Dolly fixing lotion neutralizes the pH level of the lash after applying Perming Lotion and secures the desired curve to the lashes.


After removing Dolly perming lotion from the lashes, apply a thin layer of Dolly fixing lotion on the lashes so that the product does not come into contact with the eyes or the ends of the lashes.

Lotions should be kept on, depending on eyelash type:

- Weak/damaged lashes: perming 10mins + fixing 6mins
- Medium lashes: perming 12mins + fixing 7mins
- Thick/coarse lashes: perming 15mins + fixing 15mins

Dolly lash lift lotions are packed in small packages to ensure the highest level of hygiene and minimal waste. One package is sufficient for three maintenance sessions.

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