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Anatomical Shields 4 Pair SET

Anatomical lash lift shields contain no glue, making them safe even for allergy customers.
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Anatomical Shields for Lash Lifting is a next-generation innovation to replace regular shields or rods. We have made anatomical shields of ultra-soft silicone, and their shape perfectly hugs the contour of the eyelid. This ensures gapless, close and precise placement to the eyelid without additional glue. Softness and anatomical shape also offer enhanced comfort for the customer.

Anatomical shields are suitable for all eye and eyelash types.

This SET contains:

- 1 pair of S shields
- 1 pair of M shields
- 1 pair of L shields
- 1 pair of XL shields


- Anatomical Shields have an anatomical shape that closely follows the eyelid and allows precise placement to the eyelid without additional glue
- Made from ultra-soft silicone that sticks to the eyelid for easy attachment and offers enhanced comfort for the customer
- Suitable for all eye and eyelash types



Use Anatomical Shields in the same way as regular lash lift shields or rods.

Use soapy water to clean straight away after the treatment followed by chemical disinfection.

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