AirPop Case White

AirPop Case Portable storage case for AirPop Pocket and AirPop Kids face masks
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The AirPop Case is a sleek and slim case designed specifically to store the AirPop Pocket face mask and the AirPop Kids face mask. It can be easily tucked away into back pockets, backpacks or handbags.

- Hygienic storage
- Keeps masks dry and fresh
- Designed for portability
- Fits in your pocket
- Easy storage solution on the go


A vent on top of the case prevents moisture from building up between wears, so the mask always feels dry and fresh. The AirPop Pocket Case is compatible with the AirPop Pocket face mask and the AirPop Kids face mask. Both types of masks are easily folded along dotted lines and stored in a slot in the case. Masks are sold separately.


To disinfect the case, wipe with a cloth and a 70%+ alcohol solution on the inside and outside.
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