Why Take Pictures of Your Work – Ultimate Guide to Lash & Brow Artistry | Ruthie Belle

Why Take Pictures of Your Work

by Martin Pork

Lash & Brow artistry is a very visual industry – what would explain the treatments better than before/after pictures? The pictures show your customers what you can do for them and are a must to advertise your work to get new customers.

Most lash artists know this, but often they still do not take/post pictures for three main reasons: 

  • they are too busy – who can think about taking pictures when you don’t even have time to eat or go to the loo between clients? 
  • the treatment they perform looks great in real life, but the pictures don’t live up to expectations  
  • they compare their work to more experienced lash artists and feel defeated that their work does not look as good

While these reasons can sound valid, they are actually not so difficult to overcome: 

  • schedule extra 10-15mins time for the last client of the day for full sets specifically to take pictures. Not every time but when you know that you have a full set treatment coming in that would add to your portfolio. Some lash artists even do free full sets for customers solely for the purpose of getting good pictures! 
  • when you take pictures with a phone and not a professional camera it always eats away some of the contrast so it’s necessary to edit them to make them look as good as in real life. Be aware of over-editing though – there is no point in making pictures look better than your real work because then your customers will be disappointed if they come to you and do not get the same results.  
  • everyone starts somewhere and NO ONE is perfect from day one! It’s best to only compare pictures of your own work to see the progress you have made and not compare yourself to others who have been doing it for possibly much longer. Also, the mistakes you notice in your work are often invisible to non-professionals so don’t get too hung up on the details.

I remember when I started as a lash artist and was happy enough with a set to take pictures, I often ended up not posting them because I was too critical of my work and thought that if I spotted ANY mistakes then surely other lash artists would notice them too. I thought that it was ok to only post pictures of work without any imperfections. This could not be further from the truth though because firstly – bear in mind that the purpose of your instagram account is marketing: to keep existing and attracting new customers. Yes, it’s amazing when other lash artists comment how beautiful your work is but this is not what brings bread to your table so don’t aim your posts towards other lash artists. Secondly, it’s bad for your instagram post reach if you get more engagement from global lash artists than your actual customers who are local because then instagram will start showing it more to global lash artists than the people you are actually trying to reach!

There are a few main mistakes that lash artists make when taking/posting pictures:  

  • wrong angle: it can completely destroy the look of a gorgeous set!  
  • taking close-ups only: take pictures of the client’s full face, not only close-ups of lashes. Professionals like to see close-ups for details but non-professionals want to see how lash extensions or a lash lift would change their appearance so give them what they need 
  • not taking enough pictures: remember you can re-use the pictures of the same set, just make sure you take enough to choose from 
  • not editing skin tone and blemishes: they distract from lashes! A well edited average lash set can look better than a good lash set with unedited skin 
  • thinking that you have enough customers so it’s not necessary to post for advertising.. Customers can stop wearing extensions or stop seeing you for multiple reasons so it’s always better to have a waiting list of customers. Also, when you have more customers than you can handle, you can raise your prices 😊

My tips for posting pictures of your work: 

  • post pictures of customers in your preferred age group. A 40+year old will probably not book an appointment after seeing a feed full of 20+ year old models because she will think that your specialty is younger people. Always post pictures remembering who your ideal customer is  
  • post pictures of different face shapes and lash styles to show the variety of your skill 
  • take many pictures that you can share later over time – no one is counting the times you use pictures from the same model 
  • take a photo course by a seasoned lash artist whose pictures you like. It doesn’t need to be super thorough because you don’t have to become a professional photographer! You just need to learn how to edit enough for the pictures to look good on your insta feed and website. Usually this can be done with different apps on your phone. 

I would recommend taking @lashchanceartistry Own Your Vision online class. It will take you about 3-4 hours and you’ll learn:

  • how to correct skin blemishes/skin tone
  • minimize red eyes
  • create captivating collages
  • brand yourself
  • edit videos
  • use filters
  • all the apps she uses

Another reason to take pictures is for yourself – to understand your mistakes and to learn from them. This is specially important when you have learned a new treatment like lash lifting or a new lash style – take before/after pictures and also pictures of different stages of the treatment. When you have time you can always look back at them and analyse if there is anything you are unhappy with what the exact problem was and correct it easier.