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Ultimate Guide to Lash & Brow Artistry

Ultimate Guide to Lash & Brow Artistry

Ultimate Guide to Lash & Brow Artistry

Ultimate Guide to Lash & Brow Artistry

by Ruthie Belle

Ultimate Guide to Lash and Brow Artistry

I, Ruthie Belle, started my career as a lash artist back in 2013 when I became one of the first three people in all of the United Kingdom to get trained in volume lashes. I was living in London at the time, but I’m originally from a tiny country in Northern Europe – Estonia – so I decided to bring the new lashing technique back home too. That started my career as a trainer, and for the next few years, I continued doing lashes and offering classes in eyelash extensions and lash lifting.

After a few years of teaching, I realized that although our industry had exploded since the invention of eyelash extensions and lash lifting, the products we were using needed to become better and safer. So, I started doing my research, and in 2018 I launched my first groundbreaking product Superbonder. Superbonder has since become THE most popular and most imitated product in the whole industry, making lash extensions last longer and reducing the irritating effect of lash adhesives.

Since the spread of COVID-19 in the spring of 2020, I started thinking of how bad it impacted lash artists worldwide, and I wanted to do something to really help them. This is how the idea for Ultimate Guide to Lash & Brow Artistry was born – I wanted to make good quality education accessible for anyone, even if they didn’t have the finances to level up. My Ultimate Guide does not replace in-person training – its goal is to help trained lash artists and trainers reach the next level in both their work and also education they provide for others.

I wrote the Ultimate Guide to Lash & Brow Artistry you see today with my chemist Michel Raad, and we will continue adding new information to it in the future, so make sure to check back often for updates!

Ultimate Guide to Lash and Brow Artistry is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, which means that you are absolutely allowed to use any or all of it in your social media posts and also trainings – just don’t be cheeky and make sure to reference us whenever you do. Referencing will also help to spread this knowledge further!

Starting from the beginning – anatomy of eyelashes is the basis of what we do. It explains how many lashes people have, how many rows these lashes grow in, the composition of eyelashes and lash growth. One of the hottest topics currently – lash shedding – is also fully explained in this article. Anatomy may sound boring to some, but in fact it is impossible to understand how to manipulate lashes with chemicals without understanding Anatomy first 😉

Lash lift contraindications explain various infectious diseases that should prevent a lash artist from performing the treatment.

It made sense to write about hygiene after contraindications because it is super important to follow these rules to prevent infections from spreading in your lash salon! I explain the differences between cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing – terms that are often mixed up and create confusion – and how to prevent bacteria from spreading in a professional environment. I’ve also explained something that is almost never properly taught at trainings – how to sanitize lash lift shields – in this article.

If you ever considered the pro’s and con’s whether to use gel pads or foam tape, you should check out the article Eye Pads & Tapes that compares them. I’ve also explained in detail the differences between the most popular tapes and how to place eye pads on customers because when I used to teach, I realized that this was one of the most complicated parts of the treatment for newbies.

Consultation and prep is something that is overlooked way too often in our field. Taking the time to do this part (especially with new customers) is vital to understand your customer’s expectations so that there are no surprises after the treatment!

If you are already trained in lash lifts and want to switch from old school aggressive products to new products that don’t dehydrate or damage your customers’ lashes, then read the Step-by-Step Guide to Lifting Lashes. This article is not meant to replace initial lash lift training, only for people who are looking to level up. It goes through all the steps how to do lash lift with our gentle products in great detail.

Home care is very important to help lashes and brows achieve their full potential after getting a lift. What are the differences between using lash serums and lash food? How to replace mascara with something better? Questions like these get answered in this section of the Ultimate Guide.

My chemistry article explains the A to Z of lash lift products and debunks many lash lift myths and marketing ploys 😉 It also explains the chemical differences between aggressive and gentle lash lift brands and our innovative lash lift products such as organic lifting, Easy Lift, Shine Repair and After Lift foam.

In the frequently asked questions section, I answer the questions that students have asked me the most, such as differences between over processed and over curled lashes and how to fix them; why a lash lift can fail and how to prevent that; whether lash lift is damaging to lashes and much much more.

Marketing and attracting new lash clients begins with taking photos of your work. Why take pictures of your work article explains how to overcome the main obstacles that hold lash artists back!

Our last section – Instagram marketing for beauty professionals – explains the basics of the tool that has become the most powerful marketing tool in our industry in the past five years.