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Step-by-Step Guide to Brow Lamination

by Ruthie Belle


It’s important to ask customers about acne/hormone medication and other topical medication during consultation as they can cause skin peeling and can affect the outcome of the treatment.

Any kind of skin irritation (such as sunburn) are contraindications for brow lifting.

Ask your customers also about their preference between sleek and bushy looking lamination. 

Step 1: Clean customer’s eyebrows

Cleanse customer’s eyebrows thoroughly before the treatment to get rid of any makeup, natural oils, etc. It’s best to use a cleanser that is pH neutral (not pH balanced) as it starts to lift cuticles gently. When using our Clean 11 make sure to use the professional saline foam. 

NB! Do not exfoliate eyebrows before lamination to avoid skin irritation. Applying lamination products on broken skin noticeably increases irritation. 

Step 2: Apply Easy Lift primer

Easy Lift has a dual purpose: 

  1. To prepare brow hairs for the treatment by making their structure super soft so it’s easy to shape them without using glue 
  2. To fully open brow cuticles without dehydrating them like regular primers do 

Open cuticles allow the lotions to penetrate deeper into the hair for maximum effect. Don’t skip this step as our products DO NOT WORK without it. 

Easy Lift is intended to be used ONLY with super gentle Ruthie Belle Lash & Brow Lift product series, as it enhances the effect of the curling lotion. If it’s used with a more aggressive Lash lift brand, brows can easily over process. Read more about Easy Lift chemistry here.

Apply Easy Lift with a microfiber lip wandApply it generously – use as much product as necessary to thoroughly cover the brows but avoid flooding the eyes. The product needs 30 seconds to do its magic and it doesn’t need to be removed or rinsed.

Step 3: Apply curling lotion + cling film + heating mask

The purpose of the curling lotion is to soften the keratin in the hair so that we can reshape it. The direction of brow hairs in this stage does not affect the end result so it’s not important to brush them in any particular direction. Read more about the chemistry of curling lotion here. 

Curling lotion processing time depends on the coarseness of the hair and how much its direction needs to change. The more the direction needs to change, the longer the processing time. 

The lower part of eyebrow hairs naturally grow upwards and the top part downwards. The top part also has many little stubborn cross hairs that are the hardest to lift. All of this means that the top of the eyebrow takes the longest and most work to reshape. 

Start applying curling lotion from the top of the eyebrow so that the hairs that need to change direction more can process for longer. Quickly cover the whole brow with sufficient amount of lifting lotion + cling film + heating mask.

NB! Our lotions are very gentle so you need to use a sufficient layer for them to work properly. This is very different from aggressive lotions – if you use the same amount of our lotions as aggressive lotions, the brow hairs will not change direction! 

When you apply the cling film, don’t press it down to avoid spreading the lotion too thin. 

Process between 8-12 minutes.  

You can check the processing times by lifting part of the cling film and brushing brows straight up. If they stay up that means that they have processed enough:

Remove lotion residue with a dry cotton pad or q-tip.

Step 4: Apply fixing lotion (+ cling film)

Fixing lotion gives brows their new shape. Read more about fixing lotion here.

Apply fixing lotion to the whole eyebrow and then shape it however you would like the eyebrows to look. I recommend using the mini applicator brush to spread the lotion and to shape the brows as their dense bristles make separating brow hairs very easy and therefore allow the lotion to spread more evenly. 

If you like sleek-looking brow lamination, you can make the top of the eyebrow neat by first brushing all brow hairs up and then to the side (like shown on the picture). 

For sleek brows, cover them with cling film and press down firmly (more than with lifting lotion) 

If you prefer a bushy look, then brush hairs up but not to the side and also leave out the cling film. 

Processing time for our fixing lotion is 6 minutes for all hair types. Don’t worry if you leave it on for a few minutes longer though as this will not irritate the skin. 

Remove lotion residue with a dry cotton pad or q-tip. 

Step 5: Tinting

As the brow hairs have been chemically treated, the processing time for tint is shorter than without lamination. Tinting time varies, depending on the type of tint you use and the desired outcome. 

My recommendation for doing brow lamination on new customers is to remove some of the tint from the start of the eyebrow after 4-5 minutes to check the shade. This will leave a nice ombre effect and also give you a good indication how your customer’s eyebrows are reacting to the tint. You can always re-apply tint after removing if you desire the start of the eyebrow to become darker. 

Remove lotion residue with a damp cotton pad or q-tip. 

Step 6: Shine Repair

Apply Shine Repair exactly the same way as fixing lotion.

Process for 6 minutes for all hair types. Don’t worry if you leave it on for a few minutes longer though as this will not irritate the skin.

Remove lotion residue with a damp cotton pad or q-tip. 

Step 7: Waxing/threading/plucking

Always shape eyebrows after lamination is finished as this causes skin abrasions so no irritating products should be used afterwards. Also, I do not recommend applying any make-up on broken skin.

Here is a video I made how I did brow lamination on my fiance:

Please read about home care from our dedicated article.