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Home Care

by Martin Pork

Lash Lift

Lash Lift home care instructions depend vastly on the quality of products used for the treatment as the effect that aggressive and gentle lotions have on the natural lashes varies like night and day.

If aggressive lotions are used for the treatment, customers must use nourishing products at home to prevent lashes from becoming thinner, dehydrated wonky looking. 

Unlike most Lash Lift products on the market, ours are so gentle that NOTHING will happen to your customers’ lashes if they don’t use special nourishing products at home! Their lashes will not become dehydrated or start looking funny; they will be exactly as healthy-looking as before. However, if customers want to help their lashes become BETTER than they were before the treatment, here are the products that you should recommend to them: 

Differences between lash food and lash serums

Lash Lift aftercare products have to nourish lashes after aggressive lotions have dehydrated them. It’s important to understand that there is a difference between the purpose of lash food products and serums. Lash food products are (usually) made of natural ingredients without the addition of chemicals. Their purpose is to provide lashes with nutrients that they need to become stronger and healthier looking, but they don’t grow lashes much longer. The most common lash food product is castor oil

Lash serums synthetically (with the help of chemicals) extend lash growth cycles and thus make lashes grow longer than they naturally would. Unfortunately, most lash serums provide very little to no food for lashes to grow healthier and stronger. That’s why they usually give a distinct spidery look to lashes – lashes are noticeably longer but as thin as they were before. There is a wide-spread misconception that serums grow NEW lashes as in awakening dormant lash follicles. In fact, majority of lash serums do no such thing. Instead, they just grow existing lashes so much longer that lashes that were too short to be noticed before the serum become visible, making it look like you’ve grown new lashes. 

If you are interested in the chemical differences between lash serums, you can read about them here

When choosing home care products, customers should bear in mind these differences and choose products according to their goals. If the intention is to both nourish lashes and to grow them longer, then both a serum and a lash food product should be used. Both products should be used in the evenings as our bodies rejuvenate and grow the most during the night when we sleep. 

Using mascara during the day after nourishing lashes with lash food in the evenings has a bit of a counter effect because mascara dehydrates lashes (its drying effect is what makes it crumble under the eyes). I wanted to create an alternative to mascara to support what we do for our lashes in the evening instead of countering it.

That’s how Lash BFF was born – it’s a nourishing mask for eyelashes that supports the work of lash food products. It helps to boost lash growth in both length and also diameter.

It defines lashes and provides a glossy black coating to eyelashes. Lash BFF contains acacia, jojoba and sunflower seed wax, all of which have nourishing properties for hair and eyelashes. Because of its hydrating properties, Lash BFF does not crumble like mascara. Its thin viscosity avoids lumps and flaking, and it’s suitable for even the most sensitive eyes.

It is very easy to use – exact same instructions as for regular mascara – which makes it the best product to use daily after getting a Lash Lift or just to avoid dehydrating lashes with mascara use.

Brow Lift

Lifting lotions dehydrate the skin underneath and around the eyebrows so it’s very important to nourish it at home after the treatment. Instead of using regular face creams for that, I’d recommend using something that also benefits eyebrows, so you kill two birds with one stone.

Brow Lift’s primary purpose is to give eyebrows a fuller look and cover gappy areas where they were once over-plucked or had natural gaps. Laminated eyebrows are very soft so it’s necessary to use a brow styling gel to keep them looking like you want them. Since most people laminate their brows to make them look fuller, I decided to take the regular brow gel to the next level and add a cool 2-in-1 feature to it! The proprietary formula of our Brow BFF also grows brow hairs fuller (increases their diameter) so using it daily will enhance any brow lamination that you do.

Serums are not recommended for eyebrows because most people’s problem is that their brows are not full enough, meaning that the hair density is low, not that the brow hairs are too short. In fact, having very long brow hairs actually sets some boundaries as to how much brows can be lifted without having to trim them.

I wanted to create the perfect product to use after brow lifting, bearing these two goals in mind – something that would help rejuvenate the skin after lamination and add density to eyebrows. This is how Brow Filler was born. It’s the ultimate lash & brow food product as it offers lashes and brows all the nutrients they need to become stronger, healthier, glossier, darker. On top of that it does something very rare: it also awakens dormant lash follicles and helps skin to heal (particularly important after brow lamination).

The natural ingredients in Brow Filler stimulate the production of epidermal growth factor (EGF), which regulates eyebrow growth. Decreased level of epidermal growth factor causes thinning of the eyebrows and reduce their ability to regenerate and recover. As a result, the thickness of the eyebrows is reduced. Brow Filler helps gently and effectively start the natural growth of eyebrows, making them thicker and fuller.

It has the same effect on lashes so it’s the ultimate product after both lash and brow lamination. It’s also recommended for eyelash extensions wearers who want to increase their lash count to achieve a fuller look.

Here is a table to explain the differences between three types of lash and brow home care products:  

Here is a video we made to explain this in even more detail:

Brow Filler is also free of any harmful chemicals (which is especially important after brow lamination when the skin is damaged) – it is made up of exclusively organic ingredients:  different high-quality natural oils and cold-pressed extracts that stimulate brow hair growth. The product is also perfect for vegans. 

Eyelash Extensions

First 24h after the treatment

90% of lash adhesive molecules cure in about 2 minutes after applying extensions to the natural lash. The remaining 10% can take up to 24h to cure. If you use our Superbonder after the 2 minutes, you’ll speed the curing process so much that the remaining 10% will cure in just 3 minutes. Continue reading about curing speed here.

Touching lashes and getting them should be avoided until the polymerization process is complete. Failing to do so will decrease lash retention because cyanoacrylate has not yet reached its full strength yet and interfering with the polymerization process will prevent it from curing properly.

This means that if you don’t use Superbonder at the end of lash application you should not do a post-treatment wash to avoid weakening glue bonds. Also, recommend to your customers to avoid touching their lashes and getting them wet for the first 24h hours.

After 24h post treatment

The most important part of lash extensions home care is washing them every night with a foamy lash wash. Avoiding washing lashes will lead to loss of retention and can lead to various lash diseases, most commonly Blepharitis. It’s important to use a lash foam that’s been made specifically for lash extensions to ensure that lashes actually become as clean as needed and that the ingredients of the lash foam don’t have a negative impact on lash adhesive’s retention. Avoid making lash shampoo from baby shampoo because:

  • It’s irritating for eyes! It includes a numbing agent so that you don’t feel the irritation, but the irritation is still there! There is lots of information available about this, click here to read.
  • It reacts with lash adhesive so can reduce retention

The best lash foam for daily use is pH balanced. I recommend making lash shampoo from concentrate and selling it to customers to make noticeable extra income (price per foamer is MUCH lower compared to ready-made lash shampoos). If you don’t retail a lash cleanser, you have no control over what your customers will use at home.

Because of their density lash extensions collect much more dust, dirt and sebum compared to natural lashes. It’s better to wash them with a cashmere brush instead of just hands because the long soft bristles of the brush clean all of the debris out much more efficiently than hands.

I recommend educating all your customers about this as non-professionals often don’t know much about it any many people still believe that avoiding washing extensions will increase retention! Customers with very oily skin should wash their lashes with lash shampoo twice a day to avoid build-up and closing of the volume fans.

I recommend adding the price of a foam cleanser + cashmere brush to your full set prices and not charging customers extra. Like this your customers are more likely to start taking proper care of their lashes immediately and they will also more likely continue buying the product from you in the future. Every once in a while, check in with your customers to see if they still have lash shampoo left. This will increase your retail sales + ensure that customers keep using a great lash wash instead of drugstore bought.

It’s also important to brush lashes daily to keep them looking neat. I recommend either giving them the brush you used during the treatment for free or offering cute blinged out lash wands for sale.

To elevate how professionally your customers perceive your business, I’d recommend retailing personalized products with your brand logo. The best place to order them is Beyoutiful Wandz (USA). They have very low MOQs, high quality products and reliable delivery & customer support. Ordering products from Asia can often result in monetary loss because there are a lot of scammers. Also, the quality of the products is lower and unstable.

Visit: Beyoutiful Wandz

Should lash serums be used with extensions?

The length and density of eyelash extensions should be chosen in a way that doesn’t damage the health of natural lashes. However, if lashes do become damaged it’s crucial to understand that using a lash serum will not strengthen them nor grow new eyelashes! The purpose of a lash serum is to artificially lengthen lash growth phases to grow them faster and longer. Instead, a lash food product should be used to strengthen lashes.

The only time a lash serum should be used in combination with extensions is when the natural lashes are too short to hold extensions. In all other instances they do not benefit the customer because the fastened speed of lash growth means that extensions will grow out faster and lash sets don’t look neat for long.

What to do with customers with sparse lashes?

When customers have sparse lashes or gaps in their lash line it’s best to recommend a unique product that grows NEW lashes (awakens dormant lash follicles) – Brow Filler. Brow Filler helps customers that have naturally sparse lashes and also customers whose lashes have been damaged by lash extensions. You can read more about why this product is unlike anything else on the market here.